In order to use Singpass, it is recommended that all the client PCs are installed with JRE 1.5 or above. You can download the latest JRE version in http://java.com/en/.
With effect from 01 September 2006, Immigration & Checkpoints Authority has introduced the web-based Computerisation of REcord for creW Clearance System (CREW). This system aims to:
  • Provide a one-stop service for all local shipping agents of vessels to submit e-manifest (e.g. vessel details, crew/passenger information/list, arrival/departure details) to ICA via the Internet as applications for crew clearance and related matters;
  • Allow ICA to capture and store submitted e-manifest quickly and accurately for online processing;
  • Automate the crew and passenger screening and clearance approval/rejection processes upon receipt of these applications;
  • Provide online enquiry and retrieval of crew and through passengers records;
  • Facilitate shipping activities through speedier clearance.
The facilities which are available under CREW System include:
  • Online application for arrival immigration clearance of vessel;
  • Online application for departure immigration clearance of vessel
  • Online application for crew sign-on;
  • Online application for crew sign-off;
  • Online application for transfer of crew from one vessel to another;
  • Online application for extension of stay of crew;
  • Online amendments of submitted applications;
  • Online inquiry of application status (for Shipping Agents and Trusted Partners);
  • Online application for Shipping Agents/Trusted Partners to access the CREW System.
In order for Shipping Agents to transact with ICA under CREW System,the following are required:
  • SingPass (issued by CPFB) For more information you can visit the CPFB web site at http://www.ecitizen.gov.sg/Topics/Pages/How-to-apply-for-SingPass.aspx for more information.
  • Unique Entity No. (UEN) of the Shipping Companies
  • ICA grants access rights
  • Valid Insurance Bond or Banker's Guarantee with ICA
  • The estimated duration to complete the e-Service is within 60 minutes
The contact details of the Pre-Clearance ICA Officer's are as follows:
10, Brani Way
Singapore 098631
Tel: 6377 5939 / 6377 5940
Fax: 6272 4950
Email: ICA_CREW_Administrator@ica.gov.sg
Shipping Agents should get their own SingPass and provide the company's UEN before requesting access rights from ICA and submit the valid Insurance Bond or Banker's Guarantee to ICA. Frequently Asked Questions when submitting applications via CREW System